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System-6 Adult Tennis Camp at Gorey Tennis Club.

Course starts Sunday 16th September 2018.
Duration: 6-Weeks - Total course hours: 18.
Cost: Members - €160 for 6-weeks. Non-members - €180 for 6-weeks.

Standard Time Days
All Standards 6pm to 9pm Sunday

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System-6 covers the 6 playing situations:
  • When Both Back At The Baseline.
  • You At Net Opponent At Baseline.
  • You At Baseline Opponent At Net.
  • Approaching The Net.
  • Returning.
  • Serving.
The Format of the camp is as follows:
  • 6pm to 7.30pm: Work on Playing Situation.
  • 7.30pm to 7.45pm: Break.
  • 7.45pm to 8pm: Drills.
  • 8pm to 9pm: Camp League (Scores added each week to give a class ranking and trophies at the end of term).

All participants of the camp receive an after class email with the areas covered on the day and video examples.

To book your place(s) on this tennis camp, please fill in all the required information below. You will then be brought to a secure page where your payment will be processed online by Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account and wish to pay with your credit card, simply click the Check Out button beneath the Paypal button on the checkout page and enter your name and address. You will be prompted for your credit card, email address, and phone number.
Alternatively you can call Jamie on 087 278 8985 or email.

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If you have any difficulties booking your place please email or call Jamie on 087 278 8985.