JSTA club development services:

Let Jamie Stafford Tennis Academy help you promote your club and assess the needs of your members, acquire and keep members and provide quality fun, informative and valuable services to help maintain your membership. This would take the form of a quality club structure, including coaching, training and practice for all levels, teams and socials.

As a Coaching Ireland Coach Tutor and a National Tester for the P.T.R, I can help get more volunteers - such as your good juniors - more involved in your club. I can find out where your market is, what your market wants and give it to them. I assess the "What To Do" and give you the "How To Do It".

Below is a list of just some of the club development services Jamies Stafford Tennis Academy can provide for your club. We would be happy to provide you with a more detailed list of our club development services. Simply contact Jamie on 087 278 8985 or email Jamie Stafford Tennis Academy.

Open days

Promote your club to local residents, schools & companies with open days.

Member services

Once Current & New members are established Keep members informed with Email Newsletters, Text, Special Offers and Information about how to get more involved in the club. In addition install online court booking to avoid problems with court usage.

Graded coaching programmes

All participants receive an after class email with the areas worked on. ROGY For Children. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, & Tournament Coaching for adults.

Social tennis

Organized Social Tennis for both children and adults.

Internal leagues and open league

Running Internal leagues for your members that are kept updated weekly. Alternatively your members can get involved the JSTA Open League which currently has over 80 players participating.

Tennis fitness class for your members

One important area for club players is fitness. Not just to be fit but for injury prevention (prehab) in areas such as elbow, back and knees.

Dealing with match stress

This is another area players need to deal with but is rarely touched upon. We provide sessions specifically catered to this area.

Free drill sessions for your members

We can run graded tournaments for both Children & Adults. Ensuring competition finishes at an exact time

Master classes

Why not jazz up a club evening with a JSTA Master class event for children & adults? Using all you courts with a coach on each court, members are taken through a 20-minute session on each topic.

League training

Prepare your teams prior to league competition with JSTA League Training